Additonal Pointers for Safe and Smart Driving

Remember that Not All Lanes Were Created Equal

In many US states, traffic police assume a dim perspective of freeway drivers squatting in the far left lane, and not without reason. The few number of drivers who actually seem to recognize that the lane is for passing is astonishing. Consequently, this results in an avoidable traffic scenario. It is always courteous to your fellow drivers if you drive in the non-passing lanes. This usually prevents bottlenecks that occur when slower cars are spread out across the road in a hazardous manner. Also, it allows you to avoid the possibility of having to explain to the traffic police why you are ignoring the law.

Bluetooth is your Friend

For a long time, talking and texting while driving has been a significant cause of accidents in America and worldwide. Despite this well-known fact, you will always spot one or two drivers holding the phone to their ear while driving (and until you find a bank to give you a good auto loan for that new self-driving tesla, it’s not safe!) What’s more astonishing is that most of the contemporary automobiles manufactured in the last ten years come with Bluetooth functionality. Smart driving doesn’t get any more “smart” than through the use of Bluetooth. Proper Bluetooth use significantly reduces the risk of an accident and allows you to grab the wheel using two hands, which is the right way to drive. The beauty of using your vehicle’s Bluetooth functionality is that it allows you to keep your eyes on the road while using voice commands. In a world where you could be any driver, be a smart driver, and embrace your automobile’s smart features.

Pay Attention to the Sitting Distance

Many drivers usually sit with their arms positioned against the steering wheel in a very awkward manner, and their faces very close to the steering wheel. On the other hand, smart and safe drivers always ensure that their seat is positioned as far back as efficiently possible. Maintaining such a distance between your face and the steering wheel comes in handy if your airbag gets deployed. Maintaining ample space between you and the steering wheel also allows your arms to be slightly bent at the elbows and extended fully. This gives you a better driving experience with enhanced feel and control.

Vertically-challenged drivers may find it challenging to maintain a proper distance from the wheel while reaching the pedals, and may have to do with a bit of compromise. One great way to deal with such a situation is to slightly recline the seat backward. Most of the contemporary vehicles manufactured today have adjustable pedal clusters, making it easier to access your optimal driving position. In case your automobile is not equipped with this feature, adjustable pedal clusters should be one of the top considerations when you buy your next car.